Artificial Intelligence

May 25, 2023 Navigating Turbulent Times with Magic FinServ’s AI-Driven Financial Lounge Ruchi Aggarwal

If the world is an oyster, airplanes are the TARDIS, and airports are the veritable

Cloud Transformation

May 25, 2023 Breaking the Mould: Cloud-Native Fintech Applications Powered by Microservices Ruchi Aggarwal

Microservices are truly remarkable, revolutionizing the way applications are constructed, managed, and supported within the

Advisory and Data

May 23, 2023 Infographic: Breaking the Shackles of Legacy – The Inevitability of… Ruchi Aggarwal

In today’s fast-paced world, technological advancements are reshaping industries, and businesses must adapt to stay

Testing Automation

May 11, 2023 How to keep Erling Haaland “quiet”? Developers’ Trick to Keep… Ruchi Aggarwal

What is the strategy for halting #Erling Haaland’s unstoppable goal-scoring spree? He has been an

Artificial Intelligence

May 10, 2023 No More Contract Nightmares. The 5 Levers for Smarter Contract… Aradhana Khanna

For most organizations, the lack of timely insights can make contract data management a nightmare.

Artificial Intelligence

May 3, 2023 Contract Data Management is Getting a Makeover with Artificial Intelligence… Aradhana Khanna

The Future’s Getting Breathtakingly Simple Before the Covid-19 pandemic, managing contracts was not an easy

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