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Infrastructure Testing for Decentralized Applications built on Blockchain or Distributed Ledger Platform

By Abhishek Jain on December 17, 2020

Background: Ethereum is the first programmable blockchain platform provided to the developer community to build business logic in the form of a Smart Contract that eventually helps developers build decentralized applications for any business use case. Once Smart Contracts are developed, they need to be registered on the blockchain, followed by deploying to the blockchain. […]


Building Smart Contracts using DAML: A comparative exploration

By Amit Gupta on November 19, 2020

What are Smart Contracts? Smart contracts are translations of an agreement, including terms and conditions, into a computational code. Blockchain follows the “No Central Authority” concept, and its primary purpose is to maintain transaction records without a central authority. To automate this process of recording transactions, Smart Contracts were constituted. Smart Contracts carry several beneficial […]

Artificial Intelligence

From SEC EDGAR to Business Applications: Exploring an Alternative to Manual Data Extraction

By Piyush Gupta on October 16, 2020

The accessibility, accuracy, and wealth of data on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s EDGAR filing system make it an invaluable resource for investors, asset managers, and analysts alike. Cognitive technologies are changing the way financial institutions and individuals use data reservoirs like the SEC EDGAR. In a world that is being increasingly powered by data, […]


Revolutionary use of Smart Contracts to solve your Enterprise Reconciliation and Application Synchronicity Challenges

By Naina Sethi on July 9, 2020

Until recently, your enterprise may have considered smart contracts as a tool to bridge silos from one organization to another – that is to establish external connectivity over Blockchain. However, what if we proposed applying the same concept so a firm can be instrumental in addressing enterprise-wide data reconciliation and system integration / consolidation challenges […]

Artificial Intelligence

Optimizing Business Processes for a Post COVID-19 World

By Ishita Sharma on June 16, 2020

COVID 19 and the associated social distancing and quarantine restrictions, has dictated new measures for business standards, forcing companies into a major overhaul in the way they work. Remote Working is just one key part of this change, this impacts workplaces and the global workforce significantly. This cause-effect relationship is now at the forefront, fundamentally […]

Cloud Transformation

Cloud adoption in the Post COVID era: A necessity, not an option.

By Parag Samarth on May 5, 2020

Firstly, a sincere wish for safety and wellbeing of all, my deepest sympathies for those who fought valiantly and prayers for those who continue to fight. As our communities fight for lives and livelihood, we as  business leaders shoulder the responsibility to help our organizations and the world arise strong and resurgent.  Magic FinServ is […]


Why do FinTech’s struggle to delineate their Buy, Build, Partner strategy?

By Naina Sethi on March 20, 2020

Every now and then, FinTech service providers approach Product Managers seemingly insulted by the question “have you considered amplifying your DevOps team or optimizing your Cloud Strategy with outside help to scale faster and cheaper?”. Convincing these naysayers can sometimes make you feel like you are assuming a “bad cop” parental role – i.e. becoming […]

Artificial Intelligence

Using AI for Contract Lifecycle Management

By Sharmistha Ghosh on February 27, 2020

Contracting as an activity has been around, ever since the start of the service economy. But despite it being a well-used practice, very few companies have mastered the art of managing contracts efficiently or effectively.  According to a KPMG report, inefficient contracting leads to a loss of 5% to 40% of the value of a […]


How FinTech Startups Can Outgrow the Financial Giants

By Ishita Sharma on November 15, 2019

According to ‘The Pulse of FinTech 2018’ report by KPMG, fintech startups bagged over $111 billion in investments across 2,196 deals. The technological evolution of fintech startups has outmatched that of traditional financial services by many leagues. Not only has this served to disrupt the space by directly pitting startups against tech giants, but has […]


New Bottle, Old Wine? – Separating The True Fintech Solutions from the Rest

By Anuraj Soni on September 5, 2019

A New World of Banking The rise of fintech in the last half decade or so has taken the financial world by storm. Research suggests that there are now more than 7,500 fintech firms around the world which have raised nearly USD 109 billion in investment. The sector raked in a record breaking USD 54 […]


STO Processing Lifecycle (Part 1) -An overview of STO Lifecycle in Primary and Secondary markets

By Abhishek Jain on June 18, 2019

Security Token Offering seems to be the next hype to utilize BlockChain concepts and transform the current security instruments (Equity, Debt, Derivatives, etc) into digitized security. STOs have gained popularity and momentum in recent times due to lack of regulations in the ICO world with a lot of outliers for most of the ICOs in […]


Why does it matter for a technology company like us to embrace global tech standards?

By Abhishek Jain on June 4, 2019

When ERC-20 Standards came into existence, it eased down the ICO token interoperability across wallets & crypto exchanges for all ERC-20 compliant tokens. Having standards for any process not only helps to have bigger acceptance but also improves interoperability to build up an ecosystem. Being a technology obsessed firm, we’ve always encouraged standards to be […]


Battling Blockchain Vulnerabilities through Quality Audits

By Anuraj Soni on May 3, 2019

The original promise of blockchain technology was security. However, they might not be as invulnerable as initially thought. Smart contracts, the protocols which govern blockchain transactions, have yielded under targeted attacks in the past. The intricacies of these protocols let programmers implement anything that the core system allows, which includes inserting loops in the code. […]

Artificial Intelligence

The Underlying Process of Predictive Analysis

By Brijesh Arora on September 14, 2018

Predictive Analysis – What it is? Whenever you hear the term “Predictive Analysis”, a question pop-ups in mind “Can we predict the future?”. The answer is “no” and the future is still a beautiful mystery as it should be. However, the predictive analysis does forecast the possibility of a happening in the future with an […]

Cloud Transformation

Choose Your Cloud Partner Wisely

By Sarbani Maiti on August 21, 2018

Gartner Says By 2020, a Corporate “No-Cloud” Policy Will Be as Rare as a “No-Internet” Policy Is Today. With the increasing number of cloud adoption rate, it has become instrumental for organizations to build a robust Cloud migrations strategy. As per the Commvault report. the cloud Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is driving the business leaders to move […]


5 ways in which Machine Learning can impact FinTech

By Akhil Mittal on August 7, 2018

Machine learning is one amongst those technologies that is invariably around us and that we might not even comprehend it. For instance, machine learning is employed to resolve issues like deciding if an email that we got is a spam or a genuine one, how cars can drive on their own, and what product someone […]

Artificial Intelligence

RPA vs Cognitive RPA – Journey of Automation

By Sarbani Maiti on August 6, 2018

Evolution of RPA IT outsourcing took-off in the early ’90s with broadening globalization driven primarily by labor arbitrage. This was followed by the BPO outsourcing wave in early 2000. The initial wave of outsourcing delivered over 35% cost savings on an average but continued to stay inefficient due to low productivity & massive demand for […]

Enterprise Data Management

Has Digitalization Led To The Problem Of Unstructured Data

By Madhur Gulati on July 26, 2018

Before we actually get into details as to how digitalization has contributed to unstructured data, we really need to understand what is meant by the terms, Digitalization and Unstructured Data. Digitization: is the process of converting information into a digital format. In this format, information is organized into discrete units of data (called bits) that can be separately […]

Enterprise Data Management

Visual Analytics And Visual Representation Are Not The Same

By Brijesh Arora on July 11, 2018

People are often confused with the terms – Visual analytics and Visual Representations. They many times take both words for the same meaning – presenting a set of data into some kind of graphs which looks good to the naked eye. However deep down, ask an analyst and they will tell you that visual representation […]

Enterprise Data Management

Reference Data And Its Management

By Om P Kesari on September 25, 2017

Reference data is an important asset in financial firm. Due to recent crisis in global market, regularity changes and explosion of derivative and structured products, the need for valuable market & reference data has become central focus for financial institutions. For any financial transaction accurate information/data is the key element and faulty data is the major […]

Enterprise Data Management

Enterprise Data Management In Capital market

By Sarbani Maiti on September 25, 2017

Reference data is the data used to classify other data in any enterprise. Reference data is used within every enterprise application, across back-end systems through front-end applications. Reference data is commonly stored in the form of code tables or lookup tables, such as country codes, state codes, and gender codes. Reference data in the capital market is […]

Artificial Intelligence

Corporate Actions: Beyond The Golden Copy

By Brijesh Arora on September 25, 2017

Corporate actions industry is making great strides towards automation. However, despite all the technology advancements a significant portion of the process of managing corporate actions data requires manual processing mainly due to the increasing complexity of corporate actions thanks to cross border trading made easier and local market nuances. Another big reason why the Corporate […]

Artificial Intelligence

Trading System And Algorithmic Trading Strategies

By Sarbani Maiti on September 13, 2017

What is a Trading System? A “trading system” creates a set of trading strategies which are applied to the given input data to generate entry and exit signals (buy/sell) in a trading platform.The traders/professionals who create the trading strategies to maximize the profit are called “Quants”. They use exhaustive quantitative research & analysis to build such […]

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Magic has built a strong eco-system of partners to ensure that we are able to provide high quality solutions to meet our client's every growing business needs and help them navigate complexity of environments & technology.

Our Partners

Magic has built a strong eco-system of partners to ensure that we are able to provide high quality solutions to meet our client's ever growing business needs and help them navigate complexity of environments & technology.