Transforming your Cloud Journey

Build and Manage secure, scalable and resilient cloud solutions to gain competitive advantage, drive efficiency and expedite time to market.


We offer Cloud Services across the spectrum

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Cloud Assessment

With years of experience in complex multi-cloud infrastructures for financial services, our team of cloud architects will rigorously assess and then layout a robust cloud strategy tailored to your business and regulatory requirements.

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Cloud Migration

No matter where you are in your cloud journey, our team demystifies the complexities of migration by streamlining the process while reducing risk and optimizing cost. A thorough understanding of your organizational setup and pattern exchange of information precedes the implementation to reduce business impact.

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Cloud DevOps

Our one-click automation, analytics, and reporting solutions integrate development, testing, deployment, and monitoring to improve your environment stability while preparing for any foreseen expansion plans. This offers you a stable, agile, available and efficient DevOps experience.

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Cloud Support

Our 24*7 production support model with a team of domain experts from the financial services industry ensures high customer satisfaction and increased SLA compliance due to faster issue assessment and resolution. The streamlined processes favorably impact the client’s time to market.


We bring a diverse team of Cloud application architects, Infrastructure engineers, DevOps professionals, Data migration specialists, Machine learning engineers, and Cloud operations specialists to deliver an end-to-end solution.

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Single Point Solution

We have expertise in both Cloud and Applications for the financial services domain. Hence, offering a 360-degree solution for all needs under one roof.

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Multi-Cloud Expertise

Our full-stack engineers hold expertise across Azure, GCP, Amazon cloud and have ample experience migrating complex on-prem applications to the cloud, specifically for the financial services industry. We also create customized dashboards to provide a holistic analytical view across your environments and improve uptime to 99.99%.

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Global Security and Regulation

With our deep knowledge of regulatory standards, we prepare our clients for stringent security compliances like SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA and, GDPR.

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24*7 Global Support Model

Our 24*7 production support team has deep domain expertise in the financial services industry and hence achieve higher SLA compliance and customer satisfaction.

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We establish secure practices from Day 0 to implement SecDevOps practices. From continuous feedback loops to regular code audits, all are performed in a standardized manner to ensure consistency.

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Cloud Cost Optimization

We help you generate great savings with our actionable resource purchasing recommendations. Our best practices ensure continuous monitoring of AWS, Azure and Google cloud to identify any idle resources, unused instances and VM’s, EC2 Reserved Instance mismatches, etc.


Assessed the complete cloud infrastructure for a rapidly scaling FinTech Startup. We suggested remediation procedures and practices in their cloud infrastructure, to ensure a smooth expansion phase.

Migrated a complex EDM product of an established InsurTech company, from on-prem to cloud, while deploying some AI-based solutions for efficiency.

With our team skilled across multiple cloud platforms, we provided cloud integration services for a large hedge fund to utilize the best mix of offerings from cloud providers, while optimizing costs without compromising on any key features using open architecture.

As a strategic partner, Magic FinServ assisted a large Europe-based EDM FinTech company to shift its entire operations from a product-based model to a cloud-based SaaS offering. The client wanted to offer a complete suite of business applications as a service. So we managed their entire platform & infrastructure, alongside improvement on scalability & load-balancing features. Data protection, recovery and, availability across a multi-vendor and multi-country system, were their top challenges that our diverse-skilled team, handled efficiently.

Provided an end-to-end solution for a large European FinTech, including application support and cloud ops. We established a single SLA that applied to all issues, spanning different areas of the application, infrastructure or operations, hence leading to faster issue assessment and resolution. This ensured a faster time to market, brought economies of scale and reduced total cost of ownership for the client.

With our background in blockchain solutions, we set up the DevOps team to help an STO platform provider scale up within a short time. Alongside DevOps, we established a testing team to formalize test execution and improve product quality. A niche support team was also initially built, that scaled up as the client onboarded their customers.

As a close partner, Magic FinServ provided architecture, cloud transformation & test advisory services for a rapidly growing FinTech company. We set up a lean testing team to improve functional & non-functional test coverage while executing an automation strategy in parallel. This enhanced their security planning and testing, thus preparing them to move towards getting a SOC 2 Type 2 certification.

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