revolutionize Quality
Assurance with AI

    QA Companion is a cutting-edge, proprietary tool which is designed to revolutionize your approach to quality assurance. Powered by the advanced capabilities of the GEN AI API, QA Companion bridges critical gaps in the Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC), delivering exceptional results.

    What's Unique About QA Companion?
    • Test Cases and Scenario Generation

      QA Companion empowers you with intelligent test case and scenario generation. It seamlessly integrates with JIRA, extracting user requirements and generating test cases accordingly. Our tool simplifies the creation and refinement of test data required for these cases.

    • Automated Test Script Generation

      Say goodbye to manual script creation. QA Companion assists you in effortlessly generating automated test scripts for your preferred test categories, aligning with the test scenarios you've uploaded. Plus, it offers the flexibility to generate scripts in various languages, including Python and Javascript.

    • Code Optimization

      Optimize your existing codebase effortlessly. QA Companion not only helps enhance code performance but also provides valuable insights such as code explanations and error detection, ensuring your software runs smoothly.

    • Comprehensive Test Reports

      Effortlessly generate a range of test reports for your engineering teams. Whether it's one-time reports like test plans and test strategies or other essential documentation, QA Companion has you covered.

    Choose Your
    Own AI
    • Azure AI
    • ChatGPT
    • Vertex AI
    QA Companion Phase Wise Support in STLC
    • Enhanced Effort
    • Flexibility in
      Automation Scripts
    • Comprehensive
      Test Coverage
    • Full Integration with
      Agile PMO Tools
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