The Idea

The answer to “What is data” is today a complex one in an increasingly ”digital” world where every process, every interaction and everything literally can be digitized. Financial services and corporate organization are going through a data renaissance phase. IT industry had almost announced that they had solved the data management challenges when the new wave of digitization has hit entire global markets.Product Reference Data(Cusips etc), Stock Quotes(Ticker Prices…), Corporate Actions Data challenges may have been understood and solved – but with the new kinds of structured and unstructured data being generated, the challenges to extract, transform, and consume and store such vastly diverse set of data needs a new generation of tools and expertise.

In the market, the focus so far has been to provide technology and operations services to deliver structured data to suit to power up various applications/reports. Some of the biggest drivers of data complexities is different asset classes, legal entities, jurisdictions, transaction types, marketplaces, and currency types. In the digital economy, much of the sourcing of information and data comes to enterprises from unstructured data/content like social media, satellite base imagery of traffc routes, environmental data like flooding and pollution, geolocation data from cellphones determining foot traffc in retail stores, health crisis epidemics, political uncertainty news, terrorism attacks, security breaches, cybercrimes, and cyberwarfare – all this impacting business decision-making in real time and affecting risks, and ability of a frm to create value.

The People : Who We Are

The people behind The Idea are the entrepreneurs. We believe in taking the next leap in technology that impacts a better you – we will do anything that makes our clients win, client centricity. For the financial services Industry, we have done many things over and over again, but every few years we have had a breakthrough( you must have heard of Headstrong, the domain led technology services company for the financial services). We have created value for our clients, our team members, our investors and our community. We believe in hard work, and lots of fun. Our work ethos are complete transparency. Even if you don’t have anything for us today, call us. And keep a watch on what we are up to. We will create the next Magic