AI Simplifies Processes.

Ambitious Leaders in the Financial Services Industry are actively seeking ways to implement AI to optimize cost & improve efficiency while increasing revenues & reducing risks.

Magic FinServ's AI Optimization framework utilizes structured and unstructured data to build tailored solutions that reduce the need for human intervention. This promotes upto 70% efficiency in Front & Middle office platforms & processes. Harnessing the power of NLP, Computer Vision & Machine Learning libraries, our inventive tools:

Automate tasks and optimize processes

Reduce costs,
Improve accuracy

Support decision

Amplify customer experience in a multi-dimensional manner

How we Work / Our Process

Workshop : Our team showcases relevant samples of work we have done and then engages in a brainstorming session with you to identify potential opportunities where AI can deliver value.

Discovery : We develop a prototype to establish the business value for opportunities identified in the Workshop.

Implement : Upon successful demonstration of the business value, we develop a complete AI solution that integrates seamlessly into your IT environment.

Scale : Our team continues to work with your business & technology teams to identify additional opportunities where AI can deliver optimization. For every opportunity we jointly identify, we follow Discovery & Implement steps. A 2-year sustained effort delivers an impactful result for most organizations. We also provide continuous monitoring, support and training for your team members.


Knowledge of Complex Enterprise Technology Ecosystem

Our tool approach offers point solutions, using AI in an agile model, that seamlessly integrates with your complex enterprise environment. As compared to an off-the-shelf product, our tools reduce the cost of the ownership, take away dependency and eliminate the overhead of paying for recurring subscriptions.

Empowering our Clients

At every stage of the process, we ensure that you have a deep understanding of the underlying technology & components.
Upon completion, we hand over complete control to your team for running the day-to-day operations.

Deep Domain Knowledge

With a team of industry veterans from the capital markets industry, we hit the ground running from day one.

Watertight Data and IP Security Standards

We work with some of the biggest investment banks and FinTechs with high compliance to data and IP security standards.


  • Analysis of 10K Reports for Tier 1 Bank
  • Automation of KYC for Insurance Company
  • Contract Management
  • Improving Insurance Underwriting Process for an Insurance Company
  • Sentiment Analysis for an Algorithmic Trading desk of a Hedge Fund
  • Streamlining Corporate Actions Processing for a EDM Fintech product
  • Identifying Data Security & Privacy Risks for an Asset Manager
  • Invoice and Expense Automation
  • AML and Wire Surveillance for a Tier 1 Investment Bank
  • Support Operations Automation
  • Reconciliation Automation
  • Reference Data Operations Optimization for a Tier 1 Investment Bank
  • Compliance Exception Management
  • Automatic Ticket Routing
  • Improving Value of CRM Data
  • Creation of Ticket Knowledgebase

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