Magic DeepSight

Comprehensive Data Extraction, Transformation, and Delivery using AI.

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    Magic DeepSight is a one-stop solution for comprehensive data extraction, transformation, and delivery from a wide range of unstructured data sources leveraging cognitive technologies of artificial intelligence and machine learning for the buy-side.

    APPLICATIONS OF Magic DeepSight

    We extract data from multifarious sources and deliver the insights in standardized formats that can be easily integrated into your analysis, algorithms, or platform.

    Data Sources


    ResultS you can see

    10% Higher data
    70% Cost
    9X More


    “The product is streamlined, the extracted data is reliable, and the documentation is clear. Their approach of integrated accelerators is suitable since we have several internal business applications across multiple workflows. We are looking forward to using their services over the years” 

    Senior Partner, $14.3Bn New York fund manager


    Computer vision


    Machine learning

    Neural networks

    Optical character recognition


    Reading documents

    Magic FinServ’s OCR technology and form parsing intelligence use advanced technologies like NLP, computer vision, and neural network algorithms to perform text, character, and image recognition across commonly used documents in the financial services domain, with high accuracy.

    Understand documents

    Magic’s Deepsight™ not only recognizes characters but also derives meaning from the documents, just like a human mind. This builds insights into disparate unstructured data.

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    Suitable for on-prem and cloud

    Magic Deepsight™ can be deployed on public, private, or hybrid cloud environments as well as on-prem, depending on your business.

    Integrates data across your existing platforms and workflows

    Magic Deepsight™ integrates seamlessly with custom and leading industry platforms to enable a smooth workflow across business applications.

    Meets regulatory, security, and compliance standards

    Magic Deepsight™ meets the industry’s strict standards to enable a hassle-free implementation.

    Highly scalable for large data volumes and use-cases

    Magic Deepsight™is capable of effectively handling enterprise volumes of data and is easy to scale up-down depending on expected business outcomes.

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    No template management drudgery

    Magic Deepsight™ dissolves the need for any template management, updations, or record-keeping, hence simplifying the entire process.

    No template expense

    There are no separate charges per template; hence updates to existing ones or new formats do not incur additional expense.

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    Customized exception management to suit your business workflow

    Data passes through the exception handling queue to be processed in a customized manner depending on the organization’s needs and definitions.

    Templatized options are also available according to industry standards

    Magic Deepsight™ also has pre-configured exception handling rules to weed out basic errors.

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    Data upload and download in online, sequential, or batch mode

    Magic Deepsight™ works in all three modes of data processing, maintaining flexibility according to business requirements.

    Compliance and regulatory conditions are ensured within each format

    Magic Deepsight™ adheres to industry standards for compliance and regulatory scrutiny for all forms of data protection.

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