Build and Manage secure, scalable and resilient cloud solutions to gain competitive advantage, drive efficiency and expedite time to market.

Magic FinServ is committed to delivering a DevOps experience that is stable, agile, available, efficient and cost-saving. Our consultants work closely with the stakeholders to identify specific requirements and then leverage our one-click cloud automation solutions to address the needs efficiently. We help our customers accelerate into Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment, thus cutting down the effort and cost by over 50% .



Build a DevOps Strategy

Magic FinServ's team builds a DevOps strategy that is in-line with your goals and expansion plans, which could be multi-cloud or hybrid, depending on the organization's needs.




Our highly specialized team designs and maintains highly available & auto-scalable Kubernetes clusters (Azure AKS, Google GKE & AWS EKS) to manage docker containers.

This efficient containerization improves application life-cycle management through capabilities such as continuous integration and continuous delivery.



Implement an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) approach.

Infrastructure as Code approach can simplify and accelerate your infrastructure provisioning process, help avoid cloud deployment inconsistencies and errors, comply with policies, increase developer productivity, reduce critical dependency at lower costs.

  • Set up Terraform as an IaC tool to create, manage and delete public cloud infrastructure (AWS, GCP, Azure).
  • Create a single command infrastructure provisioning plan using Terraform, Shell and Python scripting languages.
  • Adopt and configure Ansible for server and application configuration tasks.



Continuous Integration-Continuous Delivery-Continuous Deployment

CI/CD is used to automate and improve the process of software delivery and allow software to be developed to a higher standard and easily packaged and deployed to a test and production environment. It gives the ability to rapidly and repeatedly push out new features and enhancements or bug fixes with minimal manual overheads. For our CI/CD, we use best in class tools including GitLab, Jenkins, Azure & Kubernetes.

  • Integrate GitLab CI/CD, Jenkins and Azure DevOps CI/CD pipelines with the kubernetes clusters to build, test and deploy the applications.
  • Build one click CI/CD pipelines for end-to-end deployment (code build, code test, code deployment)
  • Configure CI/CD pipelines to auto-deploy the code changes as soon as there is a commit in the repository.



Continuous Application Performance Monitoring and Feedback

Detect, Prioritize and Isolate application defects and find their root cause using respective software. This ensures the DevOps team's transparency regarding issues occurring in the process chain.

Our Partners

Magic has built a strong eco-system of partners to ensure that we are able to provide high quality solutions to meet our client's ever growing business needs and help them navigate complexity of environments & technology.