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World’s first financial services focused testing service provider offering high-quality test automation solutions for your blockchain applications and infrastructure.

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    With an in-depth knowledge of multiple blockchain platforms and the financial services domain, Magic FinServ offers a powerful combination. We can not only create a comprehensive test strategy but execute it meticulously to ensure that our clients stay focused on time-to-market while we take over the burden of guaranteeing quality.

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    Faster Go-To-Market

    Our team has the experience of dealing with real-world blockchain applications. We enable our clients to focus on their product functionality and markets while we take care of the product quality by leveraging our vast test case repository and automation frameworks.

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    Return on Investment

    Magic FinServ’s offshore leverage, out-of-the-box test automation solutions, coupled with its team’s diverse skills, flexibility to work in different time zones, and above-all, real-life experience of the blockchain ecosystem will deliver a high returns on your investment in no time.

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    Independent Verification

    Smart contract & blockchain infrastructure are the two most essential components of any Blockchain ecosystem. Magic FinServ is fully equipped to test both the functionality of the block as well as blockchain infrastructure to provide you with a hassle-free and independent validation.

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    Magic FinServ can scale quickly at short notice to meet your business needs. Our testing team has sound knowledge of the blockchain infrastructure and can be your extended DevOps and support team if needed.

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    Catalyst for Product Improvement

    Our team often provides critical and timely feedback to help product owners drive improvements to product functionality and stability.

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    Out of the Box Automation

    IsRobo™ (DAML smart contract test automation) & blockchain infrastructure automation accelerators can significantly fast track the automation you need to put your product in the market quickly.

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    Our Product

    IsRobo™ is a Test Automation Tool that generates unit test cases & functional test cases for any code written in DAML.

    IsRobo™ is available on cloud, but can also be installed on-prem, upon request.

    IsRobo™ as a Service : Magic FinServ provides a dedicated tester or testers who in turn use IsRoboTM to

    • Generate - IsRobo™ takes a .dar file to generate unit test cases.
    • Validate - Validate generated test cases. Validate coverage by ensuring test coverage for recently added DAML features.
    • Enhance - Use IsRobo’s man/machine interface to provide critical business inputs to create high quality functional test cases.
    • Execute - Execute the unit & functional test cases and follow the client’s mandated processes to inform the client’s development team of the test results.
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