Blockchain Testing

End-to-end automated testing services, specially designed
to meet the principal needs of the Financial Services Industry.

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    With a deep knowledge of multiple blockchain platforms and the financial services domain, Magic FinServ offers a powerful combination. We can migrate, implement, test & support multiple enterprise blockchain solutions, efficiently.

    Smart Contract Testing

    1.1Smart Contract Testing: Manual

    Due to the combinatorial explosion of many inputs and environmental factors in the test case preconditions, manually testing a contract is not only too complicated, but it is rather inefficient. Hence, while we do provide manual testing services, we strongly recommend automation for smart contract testing.

    1.2Smart Contract Testing: Automation with IsRoboTM

    IsRoboTM is our test automation suite especially created for smart contracts built on DAML. This AI-powered automated test scenario generator can amp up efforts and reduce testing time for DAML smart contracts by nearly 70%.

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    Blockchain Infrastructure Testing

    Infrastructure testing of the blockchain network involves verifying whether the end-to-end blockchain core network and its various components are operating as expected. Our infrastructure testing includes:

    2.1Peer/Node testing

    2.2Network Integrity testing

    2.3API and Message Integration testing

    2.4Node Consensus testing

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    2.5Functional Testing

    Functional testing validates the blockchain core, its subsystems, and associated technical and business processes. In the context of the blockchain ecosystem, functional testing involves a test engineer to validate the network setup, node creation, ecosystem operational correctness, message injection, the consensus among nodes, acceptance of new messages, and validation of their expected behavior. Our team identifies relevant scenarios and builds use cases after studying the ecosystem with engineering teams.

    2.6Integration Testing

    Integration testing in the blockchain ecosystem is very critical due to the technical and functional diversity of applications and environments. Our team validates the following during integration testing:

    • Interfaces between the components of the blockchain
    • Integration and performance of the connected internal ecosystem
    • Message formats and integration touchpoints with third-party applications and APIs

    2.7Security Testing

    A blockchain network is only as secure as its infrastructure. Our team performs security validation at a transaction, block, and network-level for both public or private blockchain networks. This service covers:

    • Identity/Access testing for users and administrators
    • Data integrity testing to assess the ease of modifying data and assess its impact on application behavior
    • Encryption security and safety standards to prevent any misuse and misappropriation

    2.8 Performance Testing

    Performance testing verifies the performance and the latency within the blockchain network. Performance testing in blockchain includes identifying performance bottlenecks, defining the metrics for tuning the system and gauging the scalability of the application. Our team explores relevant tools and creates bespoke automation scripts to rapidly performance test the blockchain core and applications.

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