Synchronize complex
multi-party workflows

Magic FinServ uses DAML Smart Contracts to bridge silos and allow stakeholders to access a golden state of their business processes.

Magic FinServ is driving digital transformation and AI effectiveness at clients by modernizing legacy processes to eliminate data reconciliations and costly process breaks.

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Automate business processes

DAML applications allow your applications to share a single state of the business process, thus eliminating latency drivers such as shipping data back and forth.

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Bridge application data islands

By creating a single business process across your applications, we can help bridge application data islands so that reliance on reconciliation can be minimized.

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Improve AI and analytics effectiveness

Between 45-70% of all AI budgets are spent on aggregating and staging data correctly. Using DAML smart contracts we can help you focus on core AI and Analytics.

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Reduce the cost of compliance

Built-in authorization models and immutable smart contracts can be designed so that the right compliance, regulatory and audit reports can be created without having to do post-facto processing.

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Discovery Workshop: We show you how DAML smart contracts can be used to solve pain points with any multi-party business process. We brainstorm impactful use cases where we can demonstrate quick value.

Proof of Value: We develop a proof of concept to model your target state business process for opportunities identified in the Workshop. We also take the time to understand your technology landscape and create a high-level adoption roadmap.

Design & Implement: Upon successfully demonstrating the business value, we develop a complete blueprint that integrates seamlessly into your IT environment.


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Solution Accelerators

Our DAML solutions accelerators can reduce time to market and result in a quick demonstration of business value. Our test automation solution, IsRobo™, can minimize project implementation time.

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Knowledge of Complex Enterprise Technology Ecosystem

We understand the complexity of the enterprise technology landscape. So we present approaches that take the need for security, scalability, and integration into account.

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Watertight Data and IP Security Standards

We work with some of the most significant investment banks and FinTechs with high compliance with data and IP security standards.

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Deep Domain Knowledge

With a team of industry veterans from the capital markets industry, we hit the ground running from day one.


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