AML Optimization Using AI

Faster, Scalable, Compliant

    Compliance with AML standards is not an option, but a regulatory obligation, especially in the financial, FinTech and banking sectors. Our DeepSight for AML is an AI powered solution that assists businesses achieve AML compliance in conjunction with existing applications to monitor, detect, report, and investigate money laundering and fraud along with compliance violations across organization.

    How It Works

    AML Operations processes defined with Deepsight

    Three AML Operations are conducted to ensure that the client entity/individuals are not involved in any illegal activity or have any sanctions imposed


    More Comprehensive Fraud Detection

    Better and Faster Regulatory Compliance

    Reduce Duplication and Mistakes

    Holistic Customer Profile based on Larger Dataset

    Reduced Operational Costs

    Save Cost of Manual Investigation Processing

    Regulate Suspicious Activity Report


    Optical Character Recognition

    Natural Language Processing

    Robotic Process Automation

    Artificial Intelligence

    Machine Learning

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