Magic BlockchainQA Introduces IsRobo™, a Test Automation Suite for DAML Smart Contracts

By : ISHITA SHARMA on October 30, 2019

PUBLISHED: Businesswire

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Magic BlockchainQA, a subsidiary of Magic FinServ, a dedicated Blockchain testing company, announced the launch of its Test Automation suite called Intelligent Scenario Robot, or IsRobo™, an AI-driven Scenario Generator that helps developers test smart contracts written in DAML, the open-source programming language created by Digital Asset.

DAML is an intuitive and efficient language that is specifically designed for creating smart contracts that synchronize and streamline multi-party business processes. DAML abstracts the complexities of the underlying ledger allowing developers to focus on the business logic of the applications they are building rather than the mundane details of how smart contracts interact with the persistence layer.

IsRobo™ is an automated testing suite for smart contracts written in DAML. It uses an AI-driven scenario generator to ensure extensive test coverage with minimal manual interference. With IsRobo™, the time needed to write initial scenarios to cover various quality conditions is significantly reduced. IsRobo™ is also ledger- agnostic and can be used across multiple distributed ledger and traditional database platforms because DAML’s ledger model is uniform across persistence layers.

Dan O’Prey, CMO & Head of DAML Community Growth, Digital Asset said, IsRobo™ is an exciting addition to the DAML ecosystem, providing developers and clients additional tooling to ensure the safety and correctness of their smart contracts. In industries where quality assurance is key, such as financial services, Magic BlockchainQA can help clients get to market faster and with confidence.”

Anuraj Soni, President, Magic BlockchainQA said, “We are excited to put this innovative solution on the DAML marketplace allowing DAML clients to rapidly generate and test critical scenarios such as DAML contract submission, choice exercise, boundary conditions for parameters, and scenarios for access validations.”

Companies using DLT face unique software testing challenges due to the need to test smart contracts that need to adhere to the rights and obligations of multiple parties. As companies increasingly move towards DLT, it becomes crucial to understand and mitigate the risks involved. IsRobo™ reduces the manual effort required to validate the smart contracts. Based on beta runs, the effort reduction can be as much as 60%. IsRobo’s™ AI engine parses the DAML code and automatically generates DAML scenario scripts for positive and negative scenarios (test conditions). It can create all critical scenarios including DAML contract submission verification, boundary conditions for parameters, and access validations. IsRobo™ can achieve high test coverage, therefore increasing the reliability of the solution. IsRobo™ also creates a script to fit into the DevOps pipeline to run auto-generated DAML scenarios, which further improves operational efficiency.

Considering Magic FinServ’s expertise and legacy in offering seamless support with cutting-edge technology, the IsRobo™ offering adds great value to firms creating and using Smart Contracts created in DAML.

You can find more info about IsRobo™ and Magic BlockchainQA on the DAML Marketplace ( where dozens of DAML applications are made available for and by the DAML community.

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