Product Implementation and Professional Services

Product Implementation and Professional Services

Business Need

Product Implementation goes through a typical cycle of understanding the end customer requirements very well and then aligning/mapping those by either out of the box features or managing custom development. All these need people with different skillsets, shorter implementation cycles and duly tested customized product version that can integrate seamlessly in the end customer landscape.  Budget, Product SMEs, customization and rules/configuration definition are key variables to ensure a successful implementation.

Solution – What Magic FinServ did?

Magic FinServ leveraged its Offshore Service Center to align the right sized skilled team to manage implementation setup for its client.  Key elements of this setup were –

  • Aligned and staffed Domain Experts (Business Analysts) with each business applications to ensure end customer needs are well understood and aligned with product. This team worked closely with customers and project manager to create feature maps and define implementation plan.
  • Setup team of developers and QAs which worked on flexible capacity management model, allowing client to manage budget effectively and getting skilled and trained implementers without blocking them for the entire duration of the project.
  • Early integration of product support team (also owned by Magic FinServ) to ensure post implementation issues. Knowledge transition is seamlessly managed from implementation to support.
  • Align Configurators, a specialized skill and role who helps review existing configurations and do new configurations for the business rules. This bought the consistency in managing product configurations and defining configuration audits framework.