Product Development & Engineering

Product Development & Engineering

Client: Provider of Enterprise Data Management (EDM) solution for the buy side firms, with fully productized business applications based out of Europe that empowers buy-side firms to increase their business agility through strategic data management. Their best-in-class business applications combine pre-built packages of business workflows with a modern data management platform.

Business Need

  • Augment development capacity to improve time to market.
  • Better Quality Management and Product Certification Process, an independent team away from core development team.
  • Allow product managers to focus on market relevant product development efforts (features addition and enrichment).
  • Manage rising costs to remain competitive.

Solution – What Magic FinServ did?

Magic FinServ studied the key areas where it can help to accelerate the development throughput without much intervention from client’s product managers. Aligned with their Agile development methodology, Magix FinServ, picked up Quality Assurance, few business applications and an custom engineering stream and setup the initial team of skilled technical members.  Today, it is contributing ~ 30% capacity to the overall effort by-

  • Setting up an Offshore Service Center, focusing on Development, engineering and Quality Assurance.
  • Defined the robust new member onboarding and integration plan to ensure focused training and enablement, thus streamlined the knowledge management process.
  • Helping in Product Re-engineering efforts which are largely custom feature development for specific clients, enhancements and defects.
  • 100% ownership of Quality Assurance, manages spring testing and Product end to end releases testing, performing end to end Regression and Performance testing.