Predictive analysis

The Underlying process of Predictive analysis

Predictive Analysis – What it is? Whenever you hear the term “Predictive Analysis”, a question pop-ups in mind “Can we predict the future?”. The answer is “no” and future is still a beautiful mystery as it should be. However, the predictive analysis does forecast the possibility of a happening in future with an acceptable percentage […]

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Choose cloud partner wisely

Choose Your Cloud Partner Wisely

Gartner Says By 2020, a Corporate “No-Cloud” Policy Will Be as Rare as a “No-Internet” Policy Is Today. With the increasing number of cloud adoption rate, it has become instrumental for organizations to build a robust Cloud migrations strategy. As per the Commvault report. the cloud Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is driving the business leaders […]

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5 ways in which Machine Learning can impact FinTech

Machine learning is one amongst those technologies that is invariably around us and that we might not even comprehend it. For instance, machine learning is employed to resolve issues like deciding if an email that we got is a spam or a genuine one, how cars can drive on their own, and what product someone […]

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RPA and Cognitive RPA

RPA vs Cognitive RPA – Journey of Automation

Evolution of RPA IT outsourcing took-off in early 90’s with broadening globalization driven primarily by labor arbitrage. This was followed by BPO outsourcing wave in early 2000. The initial wave of outsourcing delivered over 35% cost savings on an average but continued to stay inefficient due to low productivity & massive demand for constant training […]

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unstructured data

Has Digitalization Led to the Problem of Unstructured Data

Before we actually get into details as to how digitalization has contributed to unstructured data, we really need to understand what is meant by the terms, Digitalization and Unstructured Data. Digitization: is the process of converting information into a digital format. In this format, information is organized into discrete units of data (called bit s) that can be […]

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