Data Technology and Services

Enterprise Data Management (EDM)

Enterprise Data Management- MagicFinserv

Industry Challenge: Multiple sources of data procured; managed and sitting in silos in firm's departments; many traditional methods, homegrown and modern systems managing and providing data to risk managers, traders, operations team, Asset and Fund Managers, dealing with them and managing them is the biggest challenge for any financial institutions along with ever-increasing sources of data as well - structured and unstructured internally and from public domain. Data Technology and methods to manage the sources, pervasiveness, and quality and delivering value is what we see as a problem that we want to solve!

What we Offer: Magic Finserv offers modernizing integrated data stores, warehouses and IS systems to enable data consumption, reporting and analytics of fast moving and large dataset both structured and unstructured data. We cover complete data lifecycle from data strategy and management, bring in capabilities for Data Inventory, Integration, Profiling, Metadata Management, Reference Data Management and Data Privacy.

Corporate Actions

corporate action- MagicFinserv

Industry Challenge: Corporate actions are way to life in today's changing capital market landscape, simple corporate actions like entity name change, stock splits, dividends payouts to complex ones like mergers and acquisitions or spin-offs etc.; all need specific skill and processing as any small error in managing these actions would result in financial and regulatory risks, triggered by one of the following - missed opportunities, faulty payouts, or penalties for incorrect reporting.

What we Offer: Magic Finserv brings industry knowledge in corporate actions, helps in identifying and defining right operating model to manage corporate actions, automation of processing of corporate actions, governance, and definitions of "Golden Copy" and processing. Reach out to us for better management of Corporate Actions inside your firm.

Portfolio Accounting and Reporting

portfolio accounting and reporting- MagicFinserv

Industry Challenge: Today, Asset Managers and Fund managers have to deal with ad-hoc, on-demand requests such performance reports from market savvy investors, and internal decision-making officers for regulatory compliance, investment strategies etc. They have big challenges to manage these demands as an immediate access to such data and information from numerous systems - internal and external with lot of transparency within regulatory framework.

What we Offer: Magic Finserv’s Portfolio Accounting and Reporting offering helps in right alignment of asset management, allocation and portfolio performance management for all asset class and derivatives, extends technology services and support for order management, fund accounting, and data management, back-office functions and also helps in implementation of 3rd party COT evaluations and implementations.

Regulatory Compliance Reporting

compliance reporting- MagicFinserv

Industry Challenge: The dynamic nature of Regulatory framework to secure investor's money is putting pressure on traders, asset managers to adapt and be compliant. Regulatory obligations are seen as more of a constraint and pain rather than as a business opportunity to evolve and re-align.

What we Offer: Evolutive nature of regulations such as FRTB, Volker Rule, Dodd-Frank, Basel III, MiFID etc. is pushing investment banking players to adapt continuously. The key mandate of these regulations is to have better reporting and transparency, thus pressure and limits on structuring, risk management, clearing, settlement and trading of derivatives. Magic Finserv helps to align Industry players by providing experience and body of work to manage their business better and focus on core business.

Client Onboarding

client onboarding- MagicFinserv

Industry Challenge: Client onboarding appears to be trivial and a routine activity but is very critical and a significant process from customer experience and data management perspective as this is the first touchpoint for customers and firms. People, systems, processes, and governance are actors in the whole lifecycle of client onboarding and the majority of the issues originate from one of these – routine and fragmented processes, no centralized CRM, multiple systems preferred by various departments, synchronization issues between systems and lack of internal governance. Additionally, checks & controls demanded by regulatory framework around AML, KYC are prone to far from truth which is a great source of risk to firms.

What we Offer: Magic Finserv has got experience working with Buyer side and Seller side firms through their client onboarding processes. Our team provides an integrated experience with their capabilities in addressing client onboarding challenges, defining & enriching solutions. Operations and governance models review and setup is another advisory that Magic FinServe provides.

Data Engine and accelerators to complement the existing KYC and AML validation process is added differentiator in our offering that helps to mitigate risks introduced in due diligence process.